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Human Resources-on-Call

An ISSC Free Service

For those everyday HR issues: the Receptionist wants a raise, is her salary competitive; the Office Manager has been out sick for 2 weeks, how can you get her back to work; the IT Administrator is in the National Guard, what does that mean for your company; do you have to give everyone break time; someone was just injured on the job, what happens next. Everyday issues that may not quite rise to the level of working with your labor attorney, but you need answers – where can you turn?

Simply pick up the phone and give us a call. As an ISSC client, you have access to human resources expertise at your fingertips. One hour per month of HR consultation time, with the added flexibility of rolling your unused time over month to month. You can take advantage of as little or as much usage as you require. We are there for you, when you need us, for quick questions or detailed research, whatever is required to resolve your problem.

Our ISSC-on-Call service provides you with:

Consultation on any HR issue, large or small

Assistance updating your Employee Handbook

Annual Handbook Labor Law review

Labor Law compliance updates

Access to our Forms Library